Coronavirus Doesn’t Scare St. Joseph Parish From Praying

/St. Joseph Parish photos

By Father Rico Passero

GRIMSBY – While we cannot join at the altar physically – I have taken this idea from a wise Italian priest – Fr. Giuseppe Corbari from Milan, Italy who asked his parishioners to send in photographs so he can pray with them at Mass. I have done the same – along with my parish staff – have taken more than 400 family photos from our parish photo directory and kept my people here in church!
Now when I celebrate Mass – I get to keep all our people in the pews as they gather online and from home! Check out the daily Mass live here on my Facebook page and go to our parish YouTube channel for daily updates.
For those who didn’t get their photo taken in our parish directory, kindly email me a selfie of you and I will print your photo and add you to our pews! A good pastor always prays for AND with his flock! Send to
St. Joseph’s we are family! St. Joseph – pray for us!
God bless you all.

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