Door-To-Door Food Drive Saturday Aids Open Arms Mission

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WELLAND – A message from Open Arms Mission prior to Saturday’s pop-up food drive in various parts of Welland:

Before COVID-19, we were sending 1 skid of food from our warehouse to the food bank to fill up the shelves for the week. Now, we are sending 2 full skids of food. We are distributing twice as much food as before.

Tomorrow, if you received a flyer in your mailbox for a door-to-door food drive in your neighborhood, please place a donation in a location visible from the road (and please check best-before dates before donating) by the time indicated on the flyer.

If you did not receive a flyer, you can donate at one of our 7 drop off locations:

1. Seaway Mall hosted by Welland BIC outside the former Target location, 10am-12pm

2. Wellspring Church, 370 South Pelham Rd., 10am-12pm

3. Rice Road Community Church 10am-12pm

4. 191 Thorold Rd., 10am-2:00pm

5. 322 McAlpine St., 10am-12pm

6. Mama Misfit’s Cheesecakery,  77 West Main St., 12-5pm

7. Grumpy Gramma’s food truck at Canadian Tire 11:30am-6pm

Thank you in advance for your generosity tomorrow!

Leslie Bellingham, Director of Development and Communication, Open Arms Mission

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