Chambers’ Corner Revisited

Welcome to Welland! (Photo by Bob Chambers, June 1969)

By Bob Chambers

This is Chambers’ Corner ….. the occasional occupant of a corner of this blog, where Bob Chambers, an Evening Tribune photographer from 1957 to 1970, will present some of his photographs from that era …… Readers are asked to please comment!

A couple of weeks ago, Chambers’ Corner featured a photograph of a girl in a mini dress but its main subject was actually business ….. the thriving business of shopping in downtown Welland in 1969.

Here we are again in 1969. My picture from the Welland Tribune of June 17. It definitely shows business. But, Welland looks a bit tacky ….. with a rusty welcome sign erected by the Chamber of Commerce, and in the background the unwelcome sight of Union Carbide’s belching stacks.

There’s a strong connection to the previous picture, with the C of C address being 55 Main Street East, which was near the location of the Park Theatre in that image. Both were in the city’s downtown.

But this one is all about business. The hierarchy of who is who in business is shown by the placement of the clubs ….. Rotary and Lions, just below the C of C, and above all the rest. Including two clubs that are completely unknowable, their signs unreadable. But, the most popular place to meet, as you can tell, was the Barclay Hotel, at the corner of King Street and Division Street.

So, visitors are Welcome to Welland in 1969. As long as they don’t mind a less than glamorous “Welcome” on the main route into town from the south.

– Bob Chambers, Tribune photographer 1957 -1970.

Comments are invited and appreciated by the photographer. You can comment directly on the site.

Editor’s note: Chambers’ Corner appeared on the blog a few years ago as a recurring feature, this submission in August, 2015. It is presented here unchanged. The series has been rebranded Chambers’ Corner Revisited and is appearing at the request of readers. It appears on the blog Wednesdays.

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