Scribbler’s Column: In Memoriam

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

WELLAND – I’ve Ivan Zecchini to thank for this Folklore rose.

Ivan, who passed two years ago, asked if I wanted it in my garden. He said it wasn’t doing well in his and maybe the change in surroundings might help it flourish. This was several years ago, maybe as many as 10.

Well, we moved it and planted it here in the backyard, along a fence. It survived. Now it is like an old friend.

But it had me worried this summer. May and June came and went without a single bud. I began to think Folklore might go flower-less this season.

Then earlier this month a bud appeared. Just one.

Its timing was late, but you can’t rush Mother Nature.

A rose in full bloom would have been nice for Ivan’s anniversary. It is July 11, 2018. The accomplished rose grower had turned 89 a couple weeks before.

I’m thankful for Ivan’s Folklore rose. It is a great way to remember him. It also serves as a valuable teaching point: Don’t give up on an old friend turning up.

(Scribbler’s Column is a new feature on the blog.)

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