Scribbler’s Column: Hey, What’s In A Name?

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

WELLAND – I’m sorry, but I’ve forgotten your name.

I can’t even say, ‘It escapes me for the moment,’ because it would be a lie. Truth of the matter is: I haven’t been able to recall your name for some time.

Nor can I try, embarrassingly, to shrug this off with an excuse like, ‘I’ve only known you a short while’, hoping this would mitigate the circumstances. No. The truth is: you’ve been part of my life for years. About 15, give or take, I’d say. Shame on me! 

I’ve no problem with names of your neighbours. There’s Stephen’s Big Purple, Electron, Peace and Heaven’s Eye, to name a few. But yours? I can’t remember. There, I’ve said it again. Is it any less painful this time around?

Adding insult to injury, I looked through my garden diary the other day hoping to find the entry related to your arrival in that space. It would have provided details about you, including your name. In this case, especially your name. But there isn’t one. Could I have forgotten to record this info? Shame on me, again!

So, I’ve decided to post some recent photos of you. Just you. All by yourself. Hey, you deserve it. You’ve earned your place in the sun. I’ve never seen you look so beautiful as now! I’m sure there are plenty of rose admirers who would love to see you, even without knowing your name. 

Hey, what’s in a name? It’s your beauty they will remember.

(Scribbler’s Column is a new column on the blog.)

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