City Seeks ‘Clear Strategy Plan’ For Dain City Drainage Issues

WELLAND – The City of Welland is commencing a thorough investigation throughout the Dain City area this fall to produce and implement a Dain City Inflow and Infiltration Investigation and Remediation Action Plan (DCII&RAP). 

The DCII&RAP is a response to recent flooding in the Dain City neighbourhood. A full project outline is available to the public on the city’s public engagement platform, 

The city has retained the engineering firm GM BluePlan Engineering Limited to conduct a comprehensive research strategy that includes on-site work exploration and a data collection survey for people who have been affected by basement or property flooding. 

City staff expect to have a detailed DCII&RAP report completed and presented to Welland City Council this December.

 “Being active and on-site in Dain City is essential to finding the sources of high Inflow and Infiltration, so we can learn more about this neighbourhood’s drainage issues to build a clear strategy plan,” said Marvin Ingebrigtsen, Infrastructure Planning and Asset Management Supervisor. “Our goal is to reduce stress on the wastewater systems through a reduction in stormwater entering the wastewater system.” 

For more information on City of Welland infrastructure projects and improvement initiatives, visit

(Source: City of Welland news release)

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