Water Heritage

A small collection of images taken over the past few weeks when riding as a passenger across Woodlawn Bridge, which spans the old Welland Canal and the Welland River. The exception is the photo at top right, which was taken from the riverbank along River Road not far from Auberge Richelieu. The main photo, top left, is a view of the old canal with the steeple of St. Mary Church visible in the distance. All others show recreational use of our river. The next time you drive across the bridge, have a peek yonder, you just might be pleasantly surprised by what you see. (Photos by Joe Barkovich)

1 thought on “Water Heritage

  1. bob chambers

    Joe: Your water heritage series really shows the difference between now and when I left Welland in1970. Back then there were tons of big boats (ships) on the canal and precious few pleasure craft. They had to stay out of the way. OMIG, it was FIFTY YEARS AGO!

    Your quiet scenes are nice. Tell me do you have “your driver” stop, or just go slower when you shoot? A longer lens could give you more variety.

    Your OLD friend, Bob C.



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