2021 Budget Talks Start, Mid-December Implementation Goal

WELLANDThe City of Welland’s 2021 Budget Talks campaign is underway, and the Budget Review Committee (BRC) is anticipating a challenging budget process. The BRC has outlined a detailed timetable for the next nine weeks, including a full agenda of budget deliberations, board presentations, and virtual public input meetings. Budget-related information and citizen engagement tools can be found on the city’s public engagement platform, YourChannel.

The BRC—comprised of the Mayor and Council—is committed to following a detailed schedule. City staff and the BRC are optimistic that all municipal budgets will pass approval and be ready for implementation by Dec. 15, 2020.

One of the most significant challenges municipalities will encounter this year is preparing a budget while practicing safe physical distancing protocols. COVID-19 presents many challenges for cities preparing fiscally sustainable 2021 municipal budgets. The BRC will focus on the following strategic priorities as key influencers during the budgeting process:

Health and Safety

Good Governance

Economic Prosperity

Creation of New Jobs

Fiscal Sustainability

Infrastructure Renewal

“As Budget Chair, I have great confidence in the Budget Review Committee and city staff to create a 2021 budget that is forward-looking and addresses immediate challenges,” said David McLeod, BRC Chair and City of Welland Councillor. “The safety of our citizens, success of our businesses, and growth in our community’s vibrancy depends on continual strategic investment. The BRC’s recent decision to adopt a new concentrated budget approach will allow them to concentrate on what matters most to the citizens they represent. Today, more than ever, the more focused everyone is on strategic business decisions, the better we will serve our community and secure our city’s brightest future.”

“The 2021 Budget is a blueprint which City Council and staff will use to fiscally and strategically shape Welland’s future,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “During these unprecedented times, our city faces difficult budget decisions. City Council and staff will work together to maintain a high level of service for our citizens.”

“Planning and preparing next year’s budgets will present some very difficult choices to the Budget Review Committee,” said Elizabeth Pankoff, Manager of Budgets and Financial Reporting/Deputy Treasurer. “The City of Welland has financial impacts from COVID-19 this year and into next year.”

The city’s public engagement platform is easy to navigate and welcomes public opinion through various online tools. To learn more about Your 2021 Budget Talks and join the conversation, visit yourchannel.welland.ca.

(Source: City of Welland news release)

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