Lasting Image: Caesar Hajdu, Never One To Miss A Game

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

So many lasting images of Julius “Caesar” Hajdu, who died Monday, October 12, aged 99.

So many images – some virtual, stored in the banks of memory; others digital or faded newspaper clippings, both saved in archives for easy retrieval on days when reminiscence tugs at the heartstrings. Good to have lasting images for the comfort they can provide.

A few things I want to share:

As an ‘Odd Couple’ of the hoops hardwood, we were steady dates for many basketball games over the years. 

We were faithful fans of the high school version of the “Big Dance”, the Tribune Tournament, also Notre Dame’s Tip-Off Tournament, the Catholic Classic and playoff games. For several Trib tournaments, reserved seats awaited us in Dillon Hall, four rows above courtside, courtesy of the Notre Dame principal Ralph DeFazio.

The tournament, and Mr. Hajdu (for his roles in many sports), are part of the fabric of Welland sports culture and always should be. He was scorekeeper and timekeeper at the first tournament in 1955. For several years he was part of a committee and helped choose outstanding players of games.

To the best of his recollection, he missed only one or two tournaments of 65. 

At his wake on Monday, a basketball was among the collection of sports memorabilia that adorned the top of his casket. He wore the tournament’s 50th anniversary commemorative sweater, still in pristine condition. Elsewhere in the room was an award presented to him during the tourney’s 30th anniversary, recognizing his service and commitment. COVID-19 precautions limited attendance at the viewing, otherwise I dare say it would have been akin to a full-house gym on a tournament championship night. He deserved a full house. 

I can’t ignore writing about Mr. Hajdu and the Welland High Reunion in August, 2019. 

How proud he was when his name tag was put on, showing the date, 1940, the year he graduated. 

He graduated long before most of the attendees were born! No matter. So well known was he because of his sports and community involvement, hugs and handshakes greeted him throughout the night.

He brought along some WHVS keepsakes, including two report cards. 

One was from 1939. He was in Form T (Technical) – 3-B. His marks were impressive as were comments by teachers. He played basketball and football for Welland High teams, including teams that won junior championships. I recall him saying, low-key without bragging, he was voted Athlete of the Year in 1938.

This past summer was a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. 

First there was the Hajdu’s 73rd wedding anniversary. A sentimental and romantic guy, it was at his insistence and it had to be held in a park-like setting along the Welland River off River Road, not far from where he and Pearl were married. 

But not long after, he had a fall at home and required hip replacement surgery at Welland hospital followed by several weeks of recuperation and rehabilitation at Hotel Dieu Shaver. The day he returned home, a gathering of family, friends and neighbours awaited and welcomed him back –  practicing social distancing at all times – with signs, cheers and so much love. 

Mr. Hajdu passed at home early in the morning, Thanksgiving Day. Despite the sadness, so appropriate a day to give thanks for a full life well lived.

A week later, Caesar Hajdu was hailed in local media, in conversations among friends, at his wake, at his funeral Mass at St. Kevin Church and at a reception afterward. 

So fitting that lasting images from all will keep those memories close.

Now just one thing remains to be said: Thanks, Mr. Hajdu, for taking me to the dance.

Captions, clockwise from top left: Tribune Tournament 2018 seated with daughter Cheryl (Joe Barkovich photo); WHVS report card showing he graduated first in a class of 8 (Barkovich photo); in our “reserved seats”, Tribune Tournament 2014 (Ralph DeFazio photo); At the WHVS reunion 2019 ( Barkovich photo)

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6 thoughts on “Lasting Image: Caesar Hajdu, Never One To Miss A Game

  1. Lynda Lemon

    Such a lovely tribute Joe! ❤

    On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 11:57 AM fromareportersnotebook wrote:

    > fromareportersnotebook posted: ” By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large So > many lasting images of Julius “Caesar” Hajdu, who died Monday, October 12, > aged 99. So many images – some virtual, stored in the banks of memory; > others digital or faded newspaper clippings, both saved in” >

  2. Mike Rao

    Great Tribute Joe. You two were truly the odd couple. I have many So memories of both of you at games cheering us on. It seems distant now but in my mind, it was yesterday. Both of you Always had room for me on your ride, thanks for the lift. Love Always.
    Mike Rao

  3. Mike Holmes

    As a player, coach, official and member of the Tribune Basketball Committee, I have fond memories of walking into a crowded Dillon Hall on a cold January night to always be greeted with a warm smile and hand shake from Caesar Hajdu. Our paths first crossed 40 years ago with the same smile and handshake after being introduced by his son Dale after one of our Poits Men’s basketball games Dale and I played on. As an official it was always reassuring to look in Caesar’s direction after a difficult game and get a comforting look back as if to say “nice job Doc”
    I will always remember those moments and his warm smile will be missed that first week of January in Dillon Hall.

    Mike Holmes

  4. Ron Banyai

    Hi Joe.
    Thanks for this article and all the others you’ve provided over the years. Caesar was a wonderful person who I met as a kid through my involvement in basketball and baseball way back in the day. What I remember most of all, though, is that I don’t believe I ever saw him without a smile on his face! Truly one of a kind.
    Ron Banyai


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