2020 Food Drive ‘Remarkably Successful’, But The Joy Of The Door-To-Door Blitz Of Past Years Is ‘Healing And Heartwarming’

These food drive signs are scattered on streets and street corners across the city. There is no door-to-door campaign this year in Welland but if you are interested in making a money donation, or if you want more info about the campaign, visit wellandfooddrive.com (Photo Joe Barkovich)

Editor’s note: The Welland Food Drive was at $44,626 of its $100,000 goal as of late this afternoon. It continues through Saturday, November 7. If the money campaign reaches or surpasses its goal, I asked Monique Finley, might it replace the door-to-door non-perishable food collection that has brought hundreds of Wellanders together as volunteers for close to 30 years? Here is her reply:

By Monique Finley

Food Drive 2020 is already being viewed as remarkably successful by some who have had more experience than the Food Drive Committee in this sort of philanthropic initiative and it’s not over yet!  Donating money as effortlessly as is the case this year does have some advantages in that tax receipts can be issued which allows the generous participation of businesses and organizations as well for some individuals.

Monique Finley/ File photo

 The collection of money for the charities to buy the food they need, when they need it with the buying power they have is very helpful for the smooth and efficient running of their programs. I believe that this fund-raising component of the Welland Food Drive might be trialed again next year. I am doubtful however, that it would replace the door-to-door campaign that has been part of the fabric of our Welland community for nearly three decades.  

Nearly 500 volunteers rally the first Saturday in November and we do something really wonderful. Feeding the hungry is the purpose of our Welland Food Drive but the community gathering to give, collect and sort food has other outcomes as well. Something else happens along the way; people experience the joy of the gesture and that type of joy is healing and heartwarming.

 I would say it would be unlikely that the Food Drive of 2020 will become the norm. Wellanders can hardly wait to get back on the streets, collecting what others are generously donating to help those who need a helping hand.

(Monique Finley is the long-time coordinator of the annual Welland Food Drive.)

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