Five Beds Located in Welland Added To Emergency Shelter Services This Winter

WELLAND – People in need of overnight emergency shelter will continue to find support this winter through the Hope Centre’s shelter program.

Space under bridges is sometime used for shelter by those experiencing short-term or episodic periods of homelessness, regardless of season. /File photo Joe Barkovich

 The Hope Centre emergency shelter services supports individuals experiencing homelessness in accessing appropriate shelter and other housing options. Hope Centre, working in partnership with Niagara Region, will have 5 additional emergency shelter beds which will be located in Welland for this upcoming winter. 

Welland residents are encouraged to access the emergency shelter and homelessness supports through the Hope Centre to ensure access to the most appropriate resources. Anyone experiencing homelessness can also receive assistance with finding emergency shelter by dialling 211 or visiting to learn more about shelter resources in the City of Welland. 

Ontario 211 connects people to services and offers a broad range of language interpreters. Niagara’s shelter agencies suggest that anyone seeking overnight emergency shelter call ahead to register due to COVID-19 screening measures.

Commonplace in big cities, scenes like this one in Toronto are no longer just ‘big city’ problems. /File photo Joe Barkovich

 “Ensuring our vulnerable community members are safe and have a place to stay this winter is crucial,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “This winter will be even more challenging to operate shelters due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Niagara’s agencies are ready to step up and continue with these much-needed services. Having 5 beds located in Welland will enable some local clients to be provided shelter in the City. We are hopeful this will be expanded in the future.” 

Welland residents also are accessing other specialized shelter resources that have been put in place due to the pandemic such as designated hotel units for those who are elderly or immune compromised; a 25 bed Housing Focused Shelter pilot; COVID Isolation Shelter; increased Home for Good supportive housing units; increased outreach supports. 

For more information on the Hope Centre’s resources, call 905-788-0744, or visit For more information on Niagara Region’s Housing and Homelessness Action plan, visit 

(Source: City of Welland news release)

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