Niagara College Adds Its Voice To Movement Combating Anti-Asian Hate

Niagara College has added its voice to the global effort to combat and denounce anti-Asian hate and racism in response to the rise in incidents of racism, intolerance and violence directed at people of Asian descent.

“Niagara College fully supports inclusion on all dimensions and human rights for all people and we denounce racism, intolerance and injustice,” said Niagara College president Sean Kennedy. “We’re committed to creating a more inclusive, diverse, and culturally and globally engaged college community and we stand firmly with those combating anti-Asian hate.”

Niagara College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in a range of supports and resources in academics and student services, to the recently created Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce that is creating a blueprint that will identify the actions that will support our commitment to provide a learning community that is respectful, and inclusive for everyone. Learn more at

Students who are struggling with recent events are encouraged to connect with a Niagara College counsellor by visiting the Health, Wellness and Accessibility Services webpage. Also, students who are encountering inappropriate behaviour should contact Niagara College’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Office.

Niagara College employees in need of support are encouraged to access Niagara College’s Employee and Family Assistance Program.

(Source: Niagara College news release)

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