That Landmark Limb

Seasons on the trail: Recently it came as bit of a surprise to be reminded I have three seasonal photos in my archive showing a favourite piece of the lower trail on Merritt Island. It’s where a large limb extends from one side of the beautiful walkway across to the other, and it is visible from a distance, becoming after so many walks down the trail, something to look forward to. I like thinking of it as a landmark, of sorts, letting walkers know where on the trail they are. But I was missing one seasonal photo: summer. So I went to the island Thursday, June 24, to walk this part of the trail and to photograph the section with the tree limb extending across it, thereby to complete the seasonal compilation, even if it was by circumstance more so than long-term plan or design. This is a charming stretch of trail, serpentine in part, always with great visual appeal, partly because of the palette of hues depending on season and of course that landmark limb. For this four-season visitor, a favourite feature of the lower trail. The photos, clockwise from top left: summer, autumn, winter, spring. (Text, photos by Joe Barkovich)

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