Ward 3 Byelection Results

2021 Ward 3 By-Election

Councillor Ward 3

  • Cathy CONNOR – 341
  • Nancy DMYTROW BILBOE – 271
  • Phill GLADMAN – 91
  • John MASTROIANNI – 712
  • Steve SOOS – 386
  • Douglas R. THOMAS – 205

Registered Voters: 8085 Cards Cast: 2018 Voter Turnout: 24.95% 

*Please note: In accordance with section 55(4) of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, election results are UNOFFICIAL until such time that the Clerk (as soon as possible after voting day) declares the candidate or candidates, as the case may be, who received the highest number of votes to be elected.

Source: As posted on: https://www.welland.ca/Elections/ElectionResults.asp

1 thought on “Ward 3 Byelection Results

  1. bobmcclellan10@gmail.com

    Hi Joe I wanted to see hw the Voice did with their poll. I didn’t realize until I looked it up that they reported percentages rather than votes but I think they got the winner right although they said a it was a tight race and any one of three could win.


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