Spotlight Shines On Feeder Canal Junction Lock

/File photo Joe Barkovich

WELLAND –  The City of Welland Heritage Advisory Committee will be holding a Designation Ceremony and plaque unveiling on Saturday May 14  at 1 p.m. for the Feeder Canal Junction Lock.  

The cut stone lock was completed in 1845 during the construction of the Second Welland Canal at “The Junction” where the Feeder Canal emptied into the Second Welland Canal and was used as part of both the Second and Third Welland canals.  Along with the Aqueduct, this is one of the oldest surviving features from canal history in Welland

The ceremony will be held at the Lock which is located adjacent to the dog park at the corner of Broadway and Highway 58, with reception to follow at the Welland Museum. 

 MP Vance Badawey, MPP Jeff Burch, Mayor Frank Campion and local canal historian Terry Hughes will be speaking.

(Attribution: news release)

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