Read It, Don’t Dump It!

By Joe Barkovich, Scribbler-at-large

My favourite publication from Niagara Region arrived in the mail Monday.

It was the Spring/Summer edition of greenscene, an eye-pleasing compilation of stories, photos, graphics and tips about being/becoming environmentally conscious citizens. I’ve praised it in the past, probably will again too.

Take it from this chronic recidivist, this is a must-read freebee. It helps keep me on the straight and narrow when it comes to “green” issues, sorting (I still email my friends at the region asking questions like where does this go, where does that go, etc etc. and they are quick to reply), hazardous waste disposal and more.

Also authoritative is my wife, who knows the rules, regulations and advice by heart, it seems. But it’s so much easier to consult something like Place these items in the Grey Box (see page 5) because it doesn’t include a stern: “You should know this by now!” rebuke from the household waste cop.

I like most of the edition’s content but have one recommendation. It’s about the half-page Moving Transit Forward graphic. “Gas prices got you down?” it asks, “Try Transit for your next trip”. I’d say this should have been moved up front in the eight-page publication. It deserves higher priority and higher profile than being stuck on page 8. Public transit needs and deserves all the promotion it can get!

Make sure you read your greenscene and when you’re done, tuck it away somewhere for future reference, as needed. Don’t just toss it in the grey box when your collection day comes around. What a waste that would be.

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