Determining fact versus fiction a key focus of new Engage Welland project page

WELLAND – Through its public engagement platform Engage Welland, the city endeavours to correct misinformation, clarify misconceptions, and drill down to the root sources of issues that create confusion with a new project called Fact vs. Fiction.

While on the campaign trail in 2022, several candidates informed city staff that they spent a lot of time correcting information residents thought to be true. The movement of information from one source to another would change content, and suggestions or ideas would be born, often leaving people confused and concerned. 

“We developed the page to help clear the air about anything that might incorrectly be floating around in the community,” said Marc MacDonald, corporate communications manager. “Our goal is for the page to present the facts about a project or program. We don’t want to create an argument; we want to ensure that when the community receives information, it’s correct. From there, they can make their decisions and judgments, whatever they may be.”

The page will feature tools for the community to play a role in how the City disseminates information. For example, with a Q&A section, quick polls, idea sharing, and an assembly of past questions or misconceptions the City has been made aware of, residents will help shape the discussion.

The City of Welland uses social media, media releases, a podcast, and print and digital media avenues to share information. It encourages residents to follow the City on their preferred platform and question things they hear if they don’t sound right. 

You can visit the Fact versus Fiction page at

(Attribution: City of Welland media release)

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