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Gadabout Gardener

Nice to see this tribute to long-time City of Welland employee Peter Boyce, now retired, in Chippawa Park.

Boyce retired in November 2021 as interim manger of parks, facilities and canal lands.

As the inscription on the plaque says, “Playing in Welland Parks for 36 years”. Based on interactions over many years, I can say it was never “work” to him.

Boyce was always a pleasure to work with especially when it came to Welland parks, horticulture and special events. An example of the latter is the annual tulip bulb giveaway each spring. He was a big part of it since its inception and played a key role in promoting the popular event.

He went out of his way to answer questions about horticulture, yes, roses included and if he didn’t have the answer, would turn to someone else in parks staff to be of assistance. As a frequent beneficiary of that kindness, just want to say, “Thanks, Peter.”

Story/photos by Joe Barkovich

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Poignant Ceremony Helps Community Remember

A Remembrance Day Community Commemoration, paused last year because of pandemic protocols, returned to Chippawa Park Thursday morning. It featured the live CBC Radio broadcast from the National Cenotaph in Ottawa, with a local live reading of In Flanders Fields by service co-organizer Betsy Warankie shown in photos with co-organizer Ken Cassavoy. When Cassavoy, at the end of the service, invited spectators to approach the storied Welland-Crowland War Memorial and affix their poppies to the monument, dozens of people did so. It made for a fitting personal act of respect and remembrance. The service dates back to 1997 when it was started by Wellander Jean Luc Clin. Story, additional photo to follow. /Photos by Joe Barkovich.

Remembrance Day Community Commemoration Returns To Chippawa Park November 11

Ken Cassavoy

WELLAND – After a one-year Covid 19 hiatus the Remembrance Day Community Commemoration Service is returning to the Welland-Crowland War Memorial in Chippawa Park on Thursday, November 11, 2021. Service co-organizer Ken Cassavoy says they now have the green light for the service to go ahead this year at the local cenotaph. 

As in past years the service will be an informal one, a simple gathering of friends, family and all others who wish to remember and honour those who died, as well as all who served, in World War 1 and World War 2, the Korean War and numerous Canadian peace-keeping missions around the world.

The service centres on the live CBC Radio broadcast from the National Cenotaph in Ottawa, with a local live reading of In Flanders Fields by service co-organizer Betsy Warankie. The local service runs from 10:45 to 11:15 on November 11 at the cenotaph.

Mask wearing and social distancing is recommended for all those attending. Support for the Remembrance Day Community Commemoration Service is provided by the City of Welland and the Welland Museum.

(Source: News release. File photos: Joe Barkovich.)