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Sighting From A Window

Monday, August 29 Bernie and I were on the Maple Leaf, the Amtrak train running from Toronto to New York City.
We got aboard at the station in Depew, N.Y., bound for Albany to visit daughter Melissa and her family who live near the state capital.
The view out the window was a patchwork of wooded areas, wetlands, streams, farm fields and many, many rail crossings in a long stretch of communities through which the line passes. A notable exception occurred in early evening at Schenectady, N.Y. where I caught sight of a river. And suddenly, as if out of nowhere a solitary, eight-oar racing shell gliding across the water. Breathtaking! I was able to get a few photos, shown here. They will last longer than the memory of that sighting from the window. /Photos by Joe Barkovich.

Barky’s Billboard

(Please support/attend this deserving community event!)

Coming to watch and cheer athletes and crews racing at the 2022 South Niagara Invitational on Saturday May 21st? Here is a map and some parking information to help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take lots of pictures and tag us #rowsnrc and #SNInvite2022

(Barky’s Billboard is a recurring feature on the blog)

Five Bridges Fall Classic Back In Town Saturday

WELLAND – After a one-year absence because of pandemic-related protocols, the Head of the Welland ~ Five Bridges Fall Classic is back in town this Saturday.

Hosted by the South Niagara Rowing Club on the fourth Saturday in September every year (except 2020) since 1980, the popular rowing competition is run on the North Course of the Welland International Flatwater Centre and is in its 39th year.  It is held in partnerships with the Welland International Flatwater Centre and the City of Welland.

According to information on Regatta Central, Saturday’s event (as of Wednesday morning, when this was prepared) has 215 entries from 16 participating clubs. The first race gets underway at  9 a.m.

Here is a list of participating clubs:

Argonaut Rowing Club, Toronto, 20 entries;  Barrie Rowing Club, Barrie, 1 entry; Don Rowing Club, Mississauga, 29 entries; Georgian Bay Rowing Club, Midland, 1 entry; Hanlan Boat Club, Toronto, 12 entries; Hanlan Rowing Club, Toronto, 1 entry;

Leander Boat Club, Hamilton, 13 entries;  London Western Rowing Club, London, 7 entries; Niagara Falls Rowing Club, Niagara Falls, 31 entries; Notre Dame Rowing Club, Welland, 28 entries; Ridley College, St. Catharines, 14 entries; Ridley Grad Boat Club, St. Catharines;

South Niagara Rowing Club, Welland, 23 entries; St. Catharines Rowing Club, St. Catharines, 28 entries; Tillsonburg Rowing Club, Tillsonburg, 1 entry; Unaffiliated (Canada), 1 entry.

The following info, written with clubs and athletes in mind, is found on Regatta Central and makes an interesting read even for locals:

The Race Course begins just south of the old Thorold Road boat launch (end of Thorold Road) with a naturally scenic 1.5 km stretch of open water running beside beautiful Merritt Island and over the historic Aqueduct to the Civic Square.  It then proceeds under five bridges travelling 3.7 km south through the heart of the City of Welland to the Finish Line on the North Course of the Welland International Flatwater Centre.

The first bridge is the historic Main Street Bridge, with its towering frame, with the Division Street Bridge just 150 metres away as you pass through the City’s Downtown Core.  Opening up after the Division Street Bridge the Recreational Waterway then affords you a 750 metre stretch of uninterrupted water before coming to the Lincoln Bridge.  A quick pass under the main columns of the bridge takes you into the community recreation portion of the waterway with another 750 metre stretch of open water before having to navigate the historic Railway Swing Bridge and the Broadway Bridge.  The waterway then immediately enters the North Course of the Welland International Flatwater Centre and competitors have approximately 1.2 km remaining to make their move!

There is only one way to pass under the Main Street, and Railway Swing Bridge.  The Division Street, Broadway and Lincoln Bridge provide for alternate passage under each bridge within the buoyed course and either passage may be used when one passage appears congested.

(Source: Regatta Central. File photos by Joe Barkovich)